Just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean that you can’t recognize your teammates for doing a good job. It’s always important to deliver some much-needed positive reinforcement. Working remotely can be lonely, and a nice gesture can do a lot to boost someone’s mood. It can also increase productivity, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Here are some great ways to recognize your remote team members.

Give Them a Social Media Shoutout

Did one of your coworkers just save you a bunch of time by knocking out some work for you? Then why not make them feel special by shouting them out on social media? Ensure that you tag them so that they’ll see the post in their feed. Don’t hold back in expressing your gratitude for having such a fantastic teammate. You’re bound to inspire them to continue to help out the team.

Send Them a Private Chat

If one of your teammates deserves praise, don’t be shy about messaging them privately. It can do a lot to boost their spirits, and they’ll appreciate that you noticed their efforts. Of course, you should keep it brief and professional, but a quick and cheerful private chat is a good idea.

Introduce a Virtual Employee of the Week Program

If you’re the manager, come up with creative engagement ideas. To inspire some productivity, you can introduce an employee of the week. The winner can get a fancy post describing their efforts and some type of reward. This could take the form of extra break time, reward points, or a free lunch. The more desirable the prize, the harder your staff will work to achieve it.

Reward Creative Ideas

If one of your team members thinks outside the box, they deserve a reward. Creative ideas breed innovation, which benefits everyone. Even if their creative thinking doesn’t lead to anything, you should still make a note of praising it. That way, your team will see the value in their creative thinking.

Introduce a Points System

Gamification is an effective motivator that’s seen a lot of implementation in recent years. To make things fun and productive for your remote workers, create a reward system. Things like showing up early and doing extra work will earn points that they can redeem for rewards. Remember to make these rewards well worth the effort.

We love the idea of doing something beyond cash prizes (which are always well-received). Wine is a wonderful example, and it’s a corporate gift that people will love. Try to get your creative juices flowing when coming up with prize ideas for your rewards system. 

These are some great ways to recognize your remote team members. We hope you now have some ideas on how to recognize and reward your teammates.

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