Have You Ever Done a Technology Fast by Mike Stewart

Have you ever thought about turning off your cell phone off for 24 hours or eliminating all technology like facebook the internet or even television?

What would happen if we just decided to take one day a month or a week and turn off all electronic devices? That means no TV radio, internet or cell phone. Could you do it?

Cell Phone and laptop

I plan to start this week to not use my cell phone, watch TV or use my computer for 24 hours.

Propose the idea to your family and ask them to pick a day, it could be that everyone picks the same day or each family member chooses a day to do the fast.

What are some of the benefits of fasting technology?
  1. You will have fewer food cravings A recent study found that after watching an advertisement just once, adults (even ones who thought they were immune to advertisements) were more likely to want to eat the product featured.
  2. Better Sleep Television and computer screens give off a wavelength called blue light, which is similar to the bright midday sun. Exposure to this kind of light in the evening can trick your body into thinking that it’s still the middle of the day, making it hard to get to sleep when you finally power down the computer or TV and hit the sack.
  3. More activity “Activity doesn’t mean “exercise”, here. Nobody switches off their iPhone and immediately decides that now would be the perfect time to go for a run or see how many burpees they can crank out in five minutes. This is a huge benefit because sitting down for hours every day is a major contributor to chronic poor health, especially obesity and obesity-related-diseases.
  4. More free time Yes, free time is a health benefit. Think of how many people put off making healthy changes in their lives because they “don’t have time to cook” or “can’t make it to the gym every day.
  5. Less Stress A 2010 study called Unplugged challenged college students from around the world to go without media for just 24 hours: no phones, internet, or TV. The student’s descriptions of life without media sound like drug addicts’ stories about withdrawal: most of them actually couldn’t make it through the day. But the ones who did noticed some surprising benefits.
  6. More Meaningful Social Interaction Another surprise waiting for the students in the Unplugged study was how much more meaningful their social life became when they weren’t checking their phones every ten minutes.

The list of benefits above was provided by http:\\paleoleap.com/media-fast/

So give it try, the benefits seem to be really outstanding. Pick a day this week and fast all technology. I will be doing the fast this Saturday.

Leave me a comment about your experience.

Have a great week.

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