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I had received a message from a hip-hop artist who goes by Aleks, as his name is Aleksey Weyman, based out of Seattle, Washington that he had a brand new release coming out called Debra. His new song, Debra, is about overcoming depression and winning the battle with mental health. Even though I am not all that much into rap or hip hop, I really thought the song was great and well-written. Aleks certainly has a gift and I am sharing his latest release with you.

Aleks frequently performs shows in Seattle and is also a writer and the owner of the Millennial Moderator blog. Aleks also provides freelance business and self-development guidance, and he is truly a talented individual.

He was a music enthusiast growing up, and after receiving his audio engineering certification from OMTS, Aleks began freelance producing, mixing, mastering, and selling his own music. He was also in a school band way back in the day which helped sculpt his interest in performing. Visit Aleks on his professional website, and be sure to like and follow Aleks on his Facebook page, Aleks’ release Debra is now available on Spotify as well.

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