This week we’re talking to Rich Moyer, Founder/CEO, Franchisor and Investor of the Hoppin Franchise Group. Hoppin’ brings a different way to franchise a bar/restaurant and Rich is expecting rapid growth across the country with their self-serve technology. Should be an interesting discussion! 

Rich started his career in the golf industry becoming a PGA Professional at 22. He realized he was on the wrong side of the counter so he got into sales which led him to starting his first business in 2014. Rich grew this business quickly and sold it in February of 2017. In the summer of 2016, he opened a homemade ice cream shop with two of his best friends and they have expanded to 5+ locations and are continuing to grow. After the sale of his first company Rich used some of the proceeds to open Hoppin’. The first location opened December 2017, he then opened the second concept, Pinhouse, in August 2019 and third location, Hoppin’, in March 2020.

After the pandemic Rich and his team began the franchise process for Hoppin’ and launched fully in September 2022. 

This week, Kristin Selmeczy will also be discussing the four key things that will increase your chance of franchising success with their WORD ON THE STREET feature! You never know when Ray Pillar might pop in.

And, Jerry Akers will be returning for Part 2 of the Joint Employer Rules, a hot topic in the world of franchising for sure!

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