No news isn’t good news. It’s the worst news of all.

Uncertainty will destroy your momentum, cripple your health, derail your ambition, and make your life miserable.

Not knowing what to do or what is happening — while what you love hangs in the balance — is an ugly, fearful position to be in.

Uncertainty will crush you.

And it’s something you have to deal with every day of your life.

Someone else gets to decide how much money you get paid, how hard you need to work to earn a little bit more, and how valuable your position is when things get tough at the company you work for.

Strong friends battle sickness while you’re only helpless to watch. Bad people seem to catch all the lucky breaks. You’re still trying to figure out what you really believe in anymore.

That’s a heavy load to carry each day.

It’s crushing at times. All you can think about. An inescapable burden.

To make it you have to be stronger than you’ve ever had to be in the past. Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Embrace a purpose higher than survival — Be possessed by an outrageous reason to fight. Have a mission. Whether it’s changing the world or just your community, remind yourself daily of what the purpose that only survives if you keep heading down the path. Fight for that mission.
  2. Be deliberate about protecting what you think about — Take time to meditate for a dozen minutes at the middle of the day. Write down your thoughts in a journal. Stop yourself from dwelling on fearful thinking as soon as you realize what you are doing.
  3. Avoid negative people at all costs — Staying focused is already hard enough without the added poison of people who just want to add more chaos to everyone around them so that they feel better. Find new friends. Move jobs. Do whatever it takes to stay motivated.
  4. Get your frustrations out on physical exercise — Hit a punching bag in the face. Go running until you’re too exhausted to worry any more. Turn your fear into sweat — and your sweat into rage. You might still have the same worries, but you’ll feel better. You’ll be more in control
  5. Make progress each day towards your long term goals — It might be as simple as making one more phone call, networking with key mentors who can help you, or saving a few extra dollars you would have spent at your coffee shop towards your financial goals. Do something.
  6. Smile at the silly things — Don’t let the stress of your daily existence stop you from noticing the beauty around you. Be purposeful to slow down and take a deep breath. If nothing else you have to smile at the absurdity of the situation you are in right now.

Bend. But don’t break.

Life is going to swirl tempestuously around you. The stress you feel might be all consuming.

In spite of that fear and panic, you have keep heading towards where you want to be. You can’t stop. You can’t quit.

Don’t let the uncertainty you feel now rob you of the future you’ve always dreamed about.

Never stop climbing.

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