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A few years ago, this site was just me & my own rants as a high-growth CEO. I wrote a few blogs about dealing with “stupid people” which blew up the internet. A lot of you emailed me asking what exactly I meant by “stupid people”.

Stupid people are negative people.

They’re the “Eeyore” in your life. And that’s a huge problem because the battle for success is a battle for your own mind.
And nothing will destroy you faster than negativity—whether it comes from those around you or your own negative thoughts.

Just when you’re all hyped up about your epic plan to finally achieve your dreams, he (or she) comes along and tells you, “that’ll never work.”

It doesn’t matter how detailed your plan is. It doesn’t matter how much “fight” you have in you to stick it out this time. They will always always always always have a reason why it won’t work.

Mark Twain once said, “Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

Who are the negative people in your life? I’m not talking about just those who say “that’ll never work”. What about the passive aggressive types? The ones who sit back and scoff at your big dreams?

What if you don’t know who that “negative person” is?

Maybe it’s you.

So how do you stop yourself from being the negative person in the group?

  1. Don’t take your anger out at others
  2. Apologize when you do things wrong
  3. Seek out the good in a bad situation
  4. Stifle jealousy and envy
  5. Ask “what makes you say that” instead of responding off the cuff
  6. Stop saying “oh, I’m just a realist (or a cynic)”. You’re just really the negative person people try to avoid.

Learn who to avoid (it’s a bigger list than you may think) how to avoid them when running away isn’t an option—or when you’re a running back facing the media before the biggest game of your life—and how to make sure you’re not the negative person crushing everyone’s dreams.

All on the sixth installment of The EDGY Perspective.

Watch. Share. Click all the buttons. Most importantly—trash your negative attitude.

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