Credibility in all areas of life has trust as its foundation. In business, if you don’t have trust you’re out of business. Below I’ve provided you with a list of several principles that I’ve found to be the quickest route to trust. Once you’ve earned trust, its up to you to keep it.

When you’re scattered or impulsive as with ADHD, you can give the impression that you’re rash and unpredictable. All the more reason to live by these principles and allow yourself no excuses for doing otherwise. I’m not suggesting that its easy, only that its necessary.


Be Responsible

Own your words and your deeds without excuses, rationalization or blame. Accept your part in the problem with sincere apology, then confidently assert your role in the solution.

Be Understanding

Few things matter as much to a person as feeling understood. Quickly establishing shared experiences allows the other to see a bit of himself in you. The more “me too’s” between you, the easier you are to trust.

Be Reliable

Do what you say you’re going to do. Keeping agreements is the quickest way to establish trust. Promise to do something and do it as quickly as possible so the other person can experience your commitment to follow through.

Be Honest

This doesn’t mean sharing every opinion you have, especially if it’s belittling. This is about being authentic, but respectful, in expressing your feelings. In a world of backstabbers, gossips, and hidden agendas, the straight shooter is in short supply and therefore in high demand.

Be Discreet

If you are entrusted with a secret, remember that the information doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the person who shared it. Therefore, it can only be shared by him.

Entrusting a secret to you is an act of vulnerability and honoring that spirit makes you a safe person to come to when you prove yourself worthy of that honor.

People are more willing to take risks in the presence of someone they’ve learned they can be vulnerable with.

Be Loyal

If you have someone’s back then be unshakeable in your commitment. You must be loyal whether s/he is present or not.

Be Competent

Always be clear on what your skill set is and don’t take on responsibilities when you know you will deliver mediocre results.

Be Honorable

If others are unclear as to what your values are then you aren’t living them very well. Do an inventory of your core values and make a point of doing specific things each day to demonstrate them (e.g. If you value kindness, then for starters you will make a point of complimenting others throughout the day.)

Be Teachable

It’s helpful to be intelligent, it’s annoying to be a know it all. A purveyor of resources is a better servant than the smartest kid in the room.

Be Objective

As much as possible seek outcomes with a high level of fairness. Too much self-interest is disrespectful and alienating.

Be Grateful

Creating the vision and delegating the responsibilities earns you no more favor than the driver of a dog sled. Everyone knows success doesn’t occur in a vacuum, it occurs in a team.


This is by no means an exhaustive list and it need not be to make this point. That credibility is earned first and foremost by being a supportive, consistent, and reliable source of help to the very people whose trust you would not have a business without.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share them with me.

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