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If you’re going to change your life for the better you’re going to have to do it sleeping less.

Awesome people obsessed with outrageous causes get less sleep than everyone else. They do.

Like it. Hate it. Question it.

No matter what your reaction is to that — it doesn’t change the truth.

When there is too much to do, what doesn’t get left out is the important stuff. What gets left out is the sleeping part.

Sleep less. Win more.

It’s not an exhibition of machismo or something to brag about. It’s just the reality of conquering the world.

It cost you something. It hurts. Sometimes you’re miserable. And a lot of the time you’re doing all of that with less sleep than you really need to be healthy.

It’s not fun or easy.

If you call yourself obsessed with a mission ask yourself: “When was the last time you lost sleep so that you could work towards accomplishing your dream?”

Be brutally honest with yourself for a minute.

Think about it.

Are you willing to wake up earlier than everyone else so that you can find the time to train like a champion? Are you willing to keep working while everyone else is watching late-night TV so that you can get the work done that will propel you towards your big goals?

The honest answer you give yourself is telling. It reveals how committed you really are.

It tests your obsession with greatness.

Anyone can try hard while the sun is shining brightly, but to toil through the night when no one is watching or rewarding your efforts — that’s when you’re serious.

If it’s easier to lose your dream than lose sleep it wasn’t a dream in the first place.

It was just wishful thinking.

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