Are you in a process of rediscovering your essential self?  

Do you want to show up and shine more fully in every area of your life?  

BarbaraCarrollComboBarbara Carroll, our guest this week on the On Purpose show, supports self discovery and authentic self expression in an intriguing way – her image consulting business helping people to shine professionally by confidently dressing and showing up in their biggest brightest light!

Join us on the On Purpose Show on Thursday June 20, 2013 at Noon Central time to hear what Barbara learned on the path to her lifework purpose.

Call 323-580-5755 to listen by phone or to listen online or hear the replay.

Barbara is a psychologist, and is the creator and CEO of In Your Element, an image-consulting business that provides coaching, workshops, personal shopping, and products that support self-discovery and authentic self-expression.

She has been working with clients to live and dress “in their element” for the past 18 years and additionally has licensed several consultants that provide In Your Element programs around the country. Before creating her own business, Barbara worked both in the Human Resource field and also as a psychotherapist.


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