The packaging industry produces billions of pounds of waste every year that end up going directly to the landfill after serving their purpose. Sara Risch, Ph. D wants us to think differently, she notes that in nature that are many different kinds of “packages” that keep their contents safe from the elements.

She cites many types of fruits and vegetables who have a harder outer skin to protect their valuable interior. Although the packaging industry has taken on the task of making products that are more sustainable there is still such a large amount of waste produced every year that other options need to come to light. One source of relief is coming from the edible packaging world. There are several companies who are testing natural sources such as dried fruit, mushrooms, and nuts to create a sort of food wrap so that you can eat not only the burger but the wrapper too. This idea is going to be a growing concern towards our future generations and with current technology and a willingness to think outside of the box I believe we will be able to create a method of packaging products that does not have such a dramatic impact on the world we live in.


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