It all started 7 years ago, when our son James came and knocked on our bedroom door at midnight!!! “Hey guys, I want to let you know that I have a girlfriend.”  I was really excited for James. Love hadn’t come into his life with ease. He had a relationship for a few years that ended with a sad breakup. Thank God my son, had the presence of mind to know that it wasn’t going to work out. He initiated that split. It was sad for me in a way, as I would miss her horses so much.  All those trips to the barn were always a joy to me.

The bomb he laid on us was rather a shock. He mentioned that she lived in another country. I was hoping he would say Greece, or France. I had a vision of myself, running away from home and laying out on the beautiful beaches of Greece, eating Greek food, which is my favorite. Or going to France and loving every minute and enjoying French cuisine, at it’s finest. None of the above, YIKES!!! she is Turkish and lives in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. I jumped up out of bed and explained to James that I was going to take up drinking for a habit!!! TURKEY? Seriously? WOOOOOO!!! Never in my entire life had I wanted to visit Turkey. That country seemed last on my bucket list. Well, maybe Istanbul would be okay?

From what we were told, he had met her on the Internet. I am not certain if it was a dating sight? Anyway, he was very determined to go and meet her and her family.  His plan was to save up his money, and fly out the day after Christmas and stay till the day after New Years! I tried to explain to him that there was something called jet lag! When James makes up his mind to do something, get out of his way. There would be nothing to stop him. Not even an Atom Bomb!

He had been on Skype with Ebru everyday. He even met her parents online.  If I was around, James would get me to say Hi to her and her family. Ebru speaks beautiful English amongst other languages, and is highly educated. She and her mother are skin care specialists. In fact that was one of the first things that James mentioned to me; knowing that I love getting pampered. Here is something I learned! Don’t wash your face with hot or warm water, only cold water and an organic soap. Make sure you give your face a good scrub. Always use a moisturizer and sunblock. Throw out your skin toners. That is a big BOZO NO NO! It really ages your skin!  Next door to their Clinic is Ebru’s father’s office. He is a Criminal Justice Lawyer. Phew, that eased my nerves in case anything ever happed that James would end up in Jail, LOL! However, if you knew my middle son, he is SO straight. Doesn’t drink, NO drugs, hates smoking. His only vice in life is Heavy Metal. He sang in a few bands here in Chicago. He hit some big stages in the City to perform as the Lead singer. He has very long hair, which I wondered how it would be received when he went to meet Ebru and her family?

Let’s fast forward to when Ebru came to meet us here in the States. It’s not so easy to just purchase a ticket to fly here. Ebru had to get approval from her country to get a travel visa.  Blessings would have it, because of her many vacation trips all over Europe, she was immediately approved. She came here the next year in 2013 to meet with us in March. BOY, can she cook! WOW. Turkish women are taught from a very early age, that they have to learn how to cook to take care of their man! She asked to go see a baseball game. They don’t have that sport in Turkey. We took her to the Brewer’s, as they have a closed Dome. I was able to get her a baseball from one of the Brewer’s players; while he was practicing his pitching. She has it hermetically sealed, in a clear plastic container for anyone to see if visiting their home.

They ended up getting married here in the States, and James moved to Turkey. The best part of everything is that we LOVE her and her family. Her mother had lost a child in infancy with BLUE eyes, and she had always wanted to have a son again. When I met Hulya, she thanked me for giving birth to HER SON, which she spoils him so much LOL!  James speaks Turkish quite well, and teaches English. He is very happy with his decision to find LOVE over seas.

PS, James is NOT allowed to cut his hair!!!

I want to dedicate this blog to Sally Ansell Bailey. Heaven just received a Star of Love!

Deni Weigel-Eads

I come from the Weigel family of Broadcasters, entertainers, singers, performers, Improv enthusiasts, and Columnists in Chicago. I personally was a radio talk show host, Singer, Blogger, Columnist, and Podcast Geek. Nothing more enjoyable to me, is being behind a Microphone. However, what I find most enjoyable, is to Encourage others. I hope you will find comfort, peace, joy, laughter and encouragement in reading my blog. Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart does good, like medicine”!

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