Jobs are disappearing in the corporate workplace but you can prepare now and be ready for the change.


Many companies today are replacing employees that retire or leave the company with contractors or freelance workers. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled The End of Employees states that The percentage of the American workforce that is not directly tied to a company has risen by almost 100% by some estimates, and it shows no sign of stopping. When an outside source is in charge of the recruitment hiring or firing of employees the company can focus more on the final product.

I have seen this trend on the rise in the area of retail stores and the maintenance of their Point of Sale systems. In the past companies would have to send an employee to a store to troubleshoot a problem with a computer or printer, now that work request is posted on a freelance website offering the job to multiple technicians at one time and once the technician accepts the job the work is closely supervised and approved through photos before the technician leaves the site and is paid. This trend eliminates workman compensation expenses, increases the companies profitability and lowers job security.

How does this affect the millions of people that have been taught that the best way to have financial security in life was to go to college, get a good job and then retire with a good pension?

How does the average working mom and dad adjust to this new trend and still provide enough to provide for their family and set aside enough money to retire in the future?

By working together each family member can pitch in and create and achieve their goals.

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Here are seven ways you can prepare for the coming trend and be secure in your financial future.

  1. You have to know how your work makes a financial impact on your employer. If you don’t know how your work directly affects an organization’s bottom line, you are at great risk. If your work is a “nice-to-have” function but not an essential one, your job could disappear — and then what would you do? Forbes magazine Job Security is disappearing – What Does It Mean For You?
  2. Become financially educated. If you have investments in retirement accounts become educated by working with your financial advisor and learn how you can earn the most from your investments.
  3. Learn what consultants and contractors charge to perform the same kind of work you do.
  4. Consider starting your own business working from home while you are still working at your job.
  5. Educate your children to explore what they’re passionate about and how it could provide value in the market place and give them the freedom to choose their own career path.
  6. You have to keep your network alive and active. The worst thing you can do is to fall asleep in your career. We fall asleep very easily when we find a stable job. These days, you have to know a lot of people who know what you do and who can be eyes and ears for you when you need work. You can do the same thing for them!
  7. Never lose sight of your dreams goals and desires, by keeping them on the forefront of your mind you will stay motivated and be able to overcome any obstacle you may encounter.


Remember,  The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else. Job security is gone. The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember: Jobs are owned by the company, you own your career! Earl Nightingale

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