There is always something to complain about.

There’s always something bad ready to happen.

You don’t even have to look far to find all the nasty stuff that keeps you up at night.

It’s all around you.

Financial challenges, work stress, family drama, friendship chaos, and your own personal unspoken fears and pain collide continually in a tidal wave of negativity that will drown you in despair if you let it.

What’s also true is that the most wonderful things in life are all around you all the time as well.

Laughter and love, generosity and opportunity — they are abundant and within reach. You just can’t see them because you’re looking down.

Not up. Not around. Just down.

Which is a lesson in perspective.

A lesson in potential and possibility.

What you want is out there for the taking. But you might be missing it because you’re overwhelmed by negativity.

You’re looking for trouble before it ever arrives. You’re looking for drama, chaos, and deceit before it exists.

You think you’re doing yourself a favor. But you’re really robbing yourself of opportunity and momentum.

It’s all there. You’re just looking for the wrong thing.

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