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In an election year, how do you choose what candidate to vote for and do their values align with your values?

There is so much political information shared through social media, the news, the mail, and our friends. Everyone has an opinion about who the best candidate is and why, but are you really getting all the facts from each of these sources?

Many people have tried to read the voter guide about their candidate, or the issues that are up for a vote in their community and found it a little confusing.

Some people don’t even bother doing any research and cast their votes solely based on their party.

I tried to be informed voter and read the voter guide but I became very confused and after on election I noticed that the person I voted won for and won had a completely different set of values than my own and that many of the bills that are brought before the public to vote on have hidden agendas.

Some of the writers of the bills attempt to make the language so confusing that you believe you are doing a good thing by voting YES but the actual outcome of the bills had the exact opposite effect.

When I realized these things I began to look for other sources to help me choose the best person for the job and learned the real purpose of each bill on the ballot. Each election year I now spend approximately 1 to 2 hours reviewing each candidate 5and the meaning of all the bills and below are five of the resources I found very useful.

5 Resources to Help a Voter Make the Best Choice.

  1. Know why you should vote, 10 reasons why you should vote
  2. Visit the candidate’s website, for example, Mike Bloomberg ‘s website will tell you where he came from and what he has accomplished, and what he believes in.
  3. Google the candidate’s name and where he stands,  Bill Weld on Education
  4. If they are a member of the US or state Congress you can go to
  5. You can search for Ballot Measures in your state by date at and learn how they affect you.


Please consider all sources when you vote for your candidate and the issues in your county.

By being an informed voter to can elect responsible men and women that will lead our cities, states, and country with integrity.

Photo by John Hain on Pixabay




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