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Life is tough. Relentlessly tough.

Financial pressures, unrealistic expectations from work, family needs, and personal challenges test your resolve daily.

It’s unrelenting pressure. Pressure that will  break you if you don’t have the right perspective.

The truth about life is that it’s not supposed to get any easier.

All those 7 step programs to an instantaneously easier life just don’t work. Those get rich quick tactics you heard from your friend or saw on the internet are a hoax.

You’re telling yourself a lie when you expect you can do something and life will automatically become easier.

It’s not supposed to get any easier. You’re supposed to get stronger.

You’re supposed to develop a stronger will.

That’s what winners do. They don’t whine and complain about life being unfair. They don’t let other people’s small-minded thinking break their determination and drain their spirit.

Winners don’t expect to achieve success because they are hoping the contest will got easier.

They expect to win because they are unrelenting in developing the right muscles and mindset to overcoming the obstacles they expect to be in their way.

That’s true no matter what challenges you are facing.

It’s not going to get easier. It’s not. You want it to, but deep in your soul you already know that this challenge you are facing is your proving ground.

This is your gymnasium. Your gladiatorial arena. Your opportunity to rise from the dust of conquest with the steeled resolve of a warrior unwilling to give up.

Don’t pray for peace. Pray for strength. Don’t beg for mercy. Beg for another chance to battle

Develop the toughness to win no matter what the odds look like.

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