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Schools are filled with teachers who, day in and day out, do many different things to ensure student achievement such as plan daily lessons to push for higher comprehension. The statement that they have been trying to focus on most this school year, though, is their 54 Promise that they made to the students, staff, guardians, and the school as a whole. Many teachers put their best foot forward and strive to be a leader, standing out the most with a positive impact as soon as they step through the doors at Keller.

The teacher that has stood out tremendously this year to me has been one of the seventh-grade language arts teachers, Mrs. Younkin. Her promise to the students is to “continue to focus on delivering top-notch lessons, all while keeping my focus on the happiness and the social-emotional component that goes into working with teens.” When walking into her classroom, she is not only a teacher, but she is a friend, role model, and peer to help work with students throughout the school year. Keller’s motto continues to be “Together As One” and Mrs. Younkin truly shows that in all the work she puts in with her students.

Mrs. Younkin stated that in order to ensure her students’ success, she “is fully engaged with the stories that we read day-to-day.”

“I really try to capture the essence of what the author intended us to take away from their piece,” she said.

Mrs. Younkin is unique in that she likes to have fun, and the best part is that she understands teenage drama, sarcasm and jokes. Her teaching is outstanding, and she pushes her students to always put their best foot forward. She stands beside us when things are hard and ensures our success. She provides us with tips, tricks, and ways to complete work like staying after school so that we can get extra help when needed.

Overall, Mrs. Younkin is an outstanding teacher and she has truly shown us what a role model looks like.

“Outside the role of being a teacher, it is the students who make me excited to come to work every day,” Mrs. Younkin said. “To see them grow within their own learning and witness the capacity in which they do…it is priceless!”

She follows the promise every day and her peers and students couldn’t be luckier to have her in their lives.

Everything we do in District 54 is to fulfill the 54 Promise to ensure student success academically, socially and emotionally. We believe every child deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. For their March article we asked our Junior Journalists to write about a staff member who is fulfilling the 54 Promise. 

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