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If you stop doing the right thing before it starts working, you’ve done the wrong thing.

But what do you do when the right thing feels wrong? Or worse, boring?

How do you endure the monotony of the daily grind, doing what needs to be done, without seeing much progress or finding inspiration from the details you’re forced to endure?

Leadership is a lonely sport. A grinding endeavor.

To be successful, you’re going to have to stay at peak performance longer than anyone else around you.

You’re going to have to be tougher. More insightful, candid, and steadfast. That requires an emotional resilience that consistently needs to be re-supplied.

You’re giving inspiration, vision, and hope. And you need to be even more deliberate about finding those same things for yourself each day.

Otherwise, what you do will soon become a series of automatic, inefficient motions. And you going through them. Without thought or potency.

Just you trying to finish what needs to be done.

Without renewal, your energy wanes. Without hope, your inspiration fizzles. Without guidance, your journey slows.

To be the best you need to find time to recharge. To release your stress. To get emotional and angry all by yourself.

When the only emotion you feel any longer is fatigue, you’ve lost your way.

Get angry. Get motivated. Get driven by a mission bigger than just yourself.

That’s not going to happen automatically or even easily.

You have to be thoughtful and deliberate and selfish in how you invest your time, money, and emotions.

If you spend them wisely, you’ll reap the rewards of extraordinary outcomes.

Don’t let being ground down grind up your ambition.

Lead angry. Conquer.

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