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Last year I almost killed myself with a recycle bin. This year that experience saved my life.

On vacation with my husband Stephen and friend Vivian, there were two suitcases between the three of us.

Our hotel room was on the second floor with no elevator. Stephen offered to carry both suitcases upstairs but when he grabbed Vivian’s I took ours.

Everything was fine until I neared the top of the stairs and my balance shifted. I felt the suitcase pull me back down the stairs…so I let go.

There it goes

There it goes

I could have followed but didn’t because I released the suitcase and grabbed the handrail.

Quick thinking

Quick thinking

What does this have to do with the recycle bin experience?

I fell with the recycle bin because I didn’t let go. Had I released my grip, I wouldn’t have fallen. Lesson learned and as a result, I didn’t go down with the suitcase.

Thanks to the recycle bin incident, this didn't happen

Dramatic enactment of what could have happened

The morale of the story – sometimes you have to let go. Whatever you release may not come back to you, but that’s okay because you’ll be alive.

May the farce be with you!

Your IFF,



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