I am delighted to be included as a Chicago inspirational leader in http://issuu.com/iinspiremagazine/docs/iinspiremagazine, in the premier edition of I Inspire magazine

The brainchild of Ajay A. Madhani, a leading internist and driving force in the hospitalist movement, I Inspire features leaders in a variety of arenas in Chicago relating their stories and sharing the ideas and circumstances that inspired their success.

Publisher Candice Kuhnen said, “While the individuals we’ve focused on are all remarkable in their own realms, we also see similarities in the visions they’ve pursued to realize their dreams. We salute them and commend their examples to our readers.”

Madhani discovered in college that studying inspirational lives helped him find his own success. “It’s in how you process it. I realized that I have created a successful life, both personally and professionally, and that this grows from keeping my focus where it should be: living completely in the moment,” Madhani said. “I always expect the best of others. I desire to live with integrity, living a life to inspire people; such inspiration isn’t the intent of what I do, but can be a result.”

Madhani founded Vernon Hills based Advanced Inpatient Consultants, LLC, in 2006. His vision was to insure “same physician continuity of care” for inpatients in hospital settings and based on building uninterrupted professional relationships between physician and patient. His company’s hospitalists provide 24/7 coverage for hospitalized patients which includes regular communications with their primary care physicians for a seamless clinical continuity.


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