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Do you stop to smell the roses? by Marie Roth

There’s a phrase you may have heard, “stop and smell the roses”, you know that one?  Be honest now, what’s the first thing that goes through your mind when you hear that phrase?

“Roses make me sneeze”?

“I hate roses”?

“What the hell is a rose”?

Let’s hope your experiences are more in line with mine, where you may have more pleasant thoughts waft through your mind as you reminisce upon the scent of a rose.   

Reflect upon your last memory of eyeing the perfect rose.  What drew you in?  Was it the color? Was it the perfect shape? Was it accompanied by a gaggle of similar looking characters, their multiple smiles beaming in the sun, daring you to….stop….and smell them?  What is the attraction?   

You realize, this is the moment, stop….everything!  Compelled (by what?) to bury your nose deep into the soft, perfectly formulated pedals, breathing in deeply without regard, (of your allergies) anticipating the fragrant scent of this alluring, sophisticated, yet playful flower, as it somehow impacts the orbitofrontal cortex in ways that are inexplicable at this very moment.  

A throaty exhale “AAAGGGGGHHHHHhhhhhhaaaaaaaa”, while simultaneously taking a quick trip back in time, your mind flitting about to every pleasant odoriferous memory associated with this vintage flower.  It cannot help (usually) but to bring a wide smile of satisfaction to one’s face.

This is apparently normal.

According to, “The olfactory regions do not only serve for smelling, but are also used, if we experience emotions and when we are memorizing events.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m usually smelling a rose in the sunshine, with a slight breeze, either outside on the patio, on the grounds of a church or even a winery, and always with a satisfied smile on my face. Yes, even the non-impressive perfumers, reverting back to the basics, looks.  I stop to smell them anyways, just to give it a chance. 

I’ve always had good memories associated with “Stopping to Smell the Roses”. It causes me exist in the here and now, or as some may say, ” be present”. 

Take some time to commemorate the past, to be reminded, perhaps in a stressful moment, that there is value in taking inventory of what’s really significant and of how fortunate we are to share this Earth with roses.

Good Bless,



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