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Is money blocking you from living your purpose?
Have you put your dreams on hold because you feel you cant afford them? 

These are challenging questions that often cause us to blame money for being the reason we’re not living a life of passion and purpose.  Too often we use our bank account balance to dictate how we live our lives rather than exploring our relationship with money.
MorganaRae_250If money has stopped you in your tracks from living on purpose, then you will want to listen to our insightful and inspiring On Purpose Show conversation with Morgana Rae, international wealth coach and best-selling author of, Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation and the creator of Money Magnet Video Program

Listen to the On Purpose Show Interview with Morgana Rae:

Gem of Wisdom: 

“I think this is the greatest story every told, on the nature of purpose and goals is from the work of Buckminster Fuller, a physicist and philosopher:

The bumble bee goes to flowers to get nectar to survive, just like we go to jobs to make money to survive.  But, thats not the bees purpose.  The bee thinks his purpose is to get the nectar, but while getting the nectar the bees feet are getting covered with pollen and the bee is pollenating the planet.  So the bees real purpose isnt what he thinks it is. 

So whatever you’re doing, any goal you have doesn’t matter. You are fulfilling your purpose in the process.  I believe you are always on the path of your purpose.”

One Small Step: 

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Favorite Quotes from this Interview:

“There is a difference between my purpose and what I am known for.  I got this intuitive hit a few years ago that my purpose is to bring love to where its lacking.  And ironically I believe that the area of life and existence that is most lacking in love is money.

“Here I am known as a money coach.  Which is so funny because the way I got here was essentially through failure; which is a really good clue to my philosophy on purpose. I believe our failures, pains, mishaps and struggles are not accidental, rather they are profoundly useful because they give us the empathy and humility to respect the experience of others.

In 2003 I was barely making $100.00 a month, living in Los Angeles, which is ridiculous.  I was living in debt and borrowing on credit cards and had a lot of shame about it. I was getting great results for clients – I just wasnt getting paid for it.  So I’m a walking poster child that you can do everything right, and be really good at it, and so freaking what!  If you have very powerful unconscious reasons to repel and protect yourself from money.

I believe that when youre doing everything right and youre still getting really lousy results you have a very good reason that is playing out at the unconscious level.

I backed into my lifes work accidentally.  When I did find my own solution to making money and having money in my life  going from $100.00 a month to $100,000.00 a month it didnt look like anything else out there.  The thing that I struggled with was the key to everything I ever wanted.

I call my approach alchemy which is the transmutation of leaden human experience into spiritual gold, which then translates into material gold.

What worked for me and changed my unconscious relationship with money immediately was first looking at my relationship with money as if money was a person.  What shocked me 10 years ago when I did that, I discovered exactly why I didnt have money in my life.  My money way back then was a monster.





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