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Can I let you in on a secret? Westvyne, previously known as Mediavine Marketing, will be 10 years YOUNG! As I say, “10 years.” goosebumps wash over me like a cool breeze. On a good note, Fred McMurray and I haven’t killed each other. Instead, we’ve created a solid marketing company where we, with our team, bridge the gap between marketing and technology.

I think about that…10 years of bridging the gap and it brings me a huge sense of pride and satisfaction. I’m not sure when we started that I would have imagined surviving 1, 2 let alone 10 roller coaster and inspiring years.

Sometimes I think naivete is a good thing. Mind you, I am the kind of person who prides herself on being informed. Being educated. What if the lack of knowledge inspires fearlessness? Clearly it did for us and we are here.

It’s 6AM. And I’m thinking about the all-nighters over the years when I looked at Fred and said, “We can do this.” I’m smiling. I mean, really. Have you ever felt a wave of warmth wash over you? It’s happening now.

How did I ever fathom how we would grow to what we are today? Looking back and reflecting on the million steps along the way. The incredible community we’ve nurtured. The brilliant clients and the not so enjoyable challenges, even mistakes, and I am filled–to the brim–with a great sense of pride and peace of mind.

It helps me realize through all of my internal swirling chaos of anxiety, we step up, we challenge, we solve problems, we inspire. And we help our clients overcome their own anxieties, uncertainties and challenges. Here’s to a new decade in working with our current and future clients!

~Michele Rempel, Managing Partner

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