Just because you have a dream about a better life doesn’t mean your life deserves to get better.

Just because you want more for yourself doesn’t mean that you deserve more.

It’s one thing to want better things for yourself.

It’s another to do whatever it takes to earn those better things.

So you want to have more money then you have right now — are you willing to work tirelessly to earn that extra money? So you want to be happier than you are right now — are you willing to stop making the same old excuses and start earning that happiness?

Whatever you want — no matter what it is — it has to be earned before it is reality.

Wanting it isn’t enough. Thinking about it isn’t enough. Wishing for it isn’t enough.

You have to earn it. Every little step of the way. Every day.

There are no lucky breaks or guaranteed roadmaps to get you to where you want to be.

The only guarantee you get is the one that you earn for yourself.

You have to be willing to do whatever it takes until you get what you want. That’s it.

You have to earn every inch of getting to where you want to be. Sometimes you have to earn those inches back twice or three times.

Every time life pushes you down you have to fight to get those inches back.

It’s not fair. It’s not fun sometimes. It’s usually always harder than you thought it was going to be.

It’s going to take you longer. Cost you more. Hurt you more. Beat you down more fiercely than you thought possible.

The only way to win is to earn it. To dig in your heels and refuse to keep sliding backwards.

And while that’s not glamorous to talk about, it’s the hard truth about accomplishing big dreams.

You have to be tough. You have to be relentless. You have to keep trying.

You can’t back up, slow down, or entertain the notion of quitting for even one moment.

You get from life what you earn.

If you don’t have what you want from life right now maybe you’re not earning it hard enough.

Only you can do that.

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