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Archaeologists in Mexico have made a major discovery. While excavating under the pyramid “Temple of the Feathered Serpent”, they discovered two previously unknown chambers filled with hundreds of mysterious metal spheres.

A robot made the discovery, travelling through a 330-foot tunnel filled with nearly 100 feet of debris that was placed there deliberately. (Anyone who’s ever watched Indiana Jones knows that’s a clear sign to stay away!)

Ranging in size from 4 – 12 inches and estimated to be 1,800 years old, neither the purpose nor the origin of the spheres is clear.

Their core has organic matter and they’re coated with a mineral that would have shone as a brilliant gold. The discovery is being heralded as unprecedented.

Spaceship Orbs

Mysterious Orbs (Source:

Meanwhile, 3,800 miles to the south in Chile’s Atacama Desert, a 6-inch long mummified humanoid creature was found. It has an oblong shaped head like Nefertiti and was originally thought to be of extraterrestrial origin. Identified as male, it has been nicknamed Ata (Atta-boy!).

Tiny Alien (Source:

Tiny Humanoid (Source:

Garry Nolan, one of the scientists who examined Ata is quoted as saying: “I can say with absolute certainty that it is not a monkey. It is human — closer to human than chimpanzees. It lived to the age of six to eight.”

Although Mr. Nolan claims Ata is human – look at his actual words: “closer to human than chimpanzees”. So which is it – human or close to human?

He further goes on to say “My interest, frankly, is to disprove that it’s anything unusual …” Agreed – there’s nothing unusual about a tiny humanoid.

One for pointing out the obvious, taken together, these two stories present a logical explanation: Ata arrived in a sphere like those discovered in Mexico and the organic cores in the center of those spheres are more Atas.

It may be far-fetched, but until someone comes up with something better – I’m going with it.

May the farce be with you!

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