December Issue 2021

Dear Pillars of Franchising Community:

As the “Great Resignation” has been in the news repeatedly over the last few months, there have been many reasons speculated for this phenomenon. As members of the franchising community, we understand what a great opportunity this is to introduce people looking for a second chance career to our business model.

Each of our Million Dollar Mentors left jobs in corporate America for an opportunity to own a business, own his or her own time and build wealth that will ensure the future for the family. While they all have different paths, they have found that success in the second phase of their careers.

In this issue, we highlight several great success stories starting with former Chicago Bear player, Doug Plank. Doug played in the 70s and had an innate knowledge that he needed a plan for his post-football life. In “From the King of the Football Field to King of the Burger,” he shares his story of entrepreneurial success and why he is passionate about franchising.

We also share the story of Michael Jania of Lash Lounge who left a family business to go out on his own and unexpectedly wound up in women’s beauty. His story is compelling as he opened his location during a pandemic and was looted in the throes of the civil unrest in Chicago after George Floyd was killed. Learn how he overcame the odds to find success.

Wild Birds Unlimited franchisee Dawna Blum also tells a story of triumph. As a wife and mother of four, she always longed for something of her own. Her WBU location provided her a way to achieve financial independence and gain greater confidence, self-respect and pride. Hers is a story so many women will relate to.

Anne Huntington Sharma of Huntington Learning Center shares her vision for the second act of her business and discusses why she is such a staunch proponent of giving back.

Our Million Dollar Mentors, Kristin Selmeczy, Jerry Akers, Ray Pillar and David Kajganich share their perspectives on their franchising second chances, and we share a pictorial of the Pillars’ team’s first in-person meeting in Chicago.

We also have informative articles from Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor, on customer service; Susan Scotts on franchise education; Michele Rempel on marketing; Harold Kestenbaum on legal issues; Kelly Krueger on funding; Michael Ianuzzi on tax/finance; Nancy Chorpenning on the power of a circle of women and our very own Million Dollar Mentor, David Kajganich on leadership.

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The Dream Starts Here!

Elizabeth Denham



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