Miriam Slozberg

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As a business owner, I know that my main objective is to make sure that my clients are happy with my services. I always over-deliver which makes them even more happy. I feel that is an important practice because your clients will not only keep hiring you for more services, however they may even refer others to you! Most of your clients will be grateful for the work you do. However, there are always going to be some that will take your generosity for granted and will expect more and more of you.

Overtime, you will end up finding that you are working overtime for a very demanding client who is not paying you for what you are worth! When that starts to happen, you will not only find that you have less time to give to your other clients, but you will start to becoming resentful. This is why setting boundaries with clients is just as crucial as pleasing them!

However, finding the balance between over-delivering and setting boundaries may be difficult. What you need to do is examine how you can make your client extra happy while you are not letting him or her take advantage of you. The way you would know is if you give a little extra to your client without feeling drained or resentful. Once you find how far you are willing to go as far as over-delivering, make sure you do not go beyond that.

If your client starts to expect more from you, then you need to be firm with him or her that if he or she wants more of your time and energy, then he or she needs to pay more. If your client does not respond well to that, then sometimes it is best to let the client go.

You need to remember that there are other clients around who will be taking his or her place. Never hang onto a client that is making you unhappy and won’t take no for an answer for the sake of money.

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