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Rescue dog stars in John Wick movies by Greg Markelz

Movie Dogs can also be rescue dogs. My example is from the movie “John Wick 2“.  But this story really starts with the original movie “John Wick”  wherein John’s (Keanu Reeves) beagle puppy Andy is killed so unfairly in the first part of the movie that I remember feeling sick about it. For animal lovers the revenge spree that follows is more about avenging his pup than anything else. At the end of the original movie we see John choosing a new doggie friend to accompany him on future (shall we call them) missions.

In John Wick 2 we meet Bubba, a rescue pit bull with attractive sad eyes. He is a prominent companion throughout the movie.  He also plays a part in “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum”  Charon, the Continental Hotel concierge agrees to take care of Bubba while John goes overseas to fight another battle even though the Hotel does not offer this as a service.  I’d like to think Charon has soft spot in his heart for rescues!

It is when John is overseas that I witnessed what I believe to be the most impressive movie scene using dogs…ever.  They managed to execute this scene because in the movie the guard dog’s owner (played by Halle Berry) needed to have the dogs obey her, as opposed to an off scene trainer…actress became trainer!  Have a look at this scene and see if you are as awestruck as I was!

Greg Markelz, My Second Chance

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