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Now that restaurants are open again are you happy or afraid?

I have heard several people express their concerns that by opening small businesses too soon we will cause a Covid-19 outbreak.

The governor of California Gavin Newsom placed the decision in hands of local governments on when they can open their businesses and at what pace. LA County made the decision to open many of their businesses this week and many other counties will stick to their own plans.

With all the local businesses opening and more people gathering together are you happy or are you afraid it is too soon?

I feel it is imperative for our local businesses to survive they must be allowed to reopen their doors as long as they’re abiding by the safety guidelines to keep their customers and their workers safe.

I was overjoyed to have the privilege of taking my wife out to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Shell Beach called Zorros. The waitress was wearing a mask and from what I could see they were following every precaution by sanitizing tables when guests left and kept social distancing when taking orders and bringing food to the table. We had a wonderful meal and we thanked the staff for being open and will definitely return in the near future.

Where does all this activity leave you feeling? Are you excited to be able to enjoy many of the privileges you used to take for granted until the Stay At Home order or are you afraid of an outbreak? Do you still wear a mask or do you believe it is not necessary?

I firmly believe it depends on the county you live, its population, and the execution of the reopening plan that should raise or lower your concerns about an outbreak. It will also depend on whether its citizens are following the guidelines that many of the businesses have set forth.

I’ve read about many interactions between grocery store staff and people who have refused to wear a mask are not allowed to enter the store. There was also one man who said his freedoms were being violated but he was honoring the freedom of that store the right to refuse service to anyone who could jeopardize the safety of their customers.

I hope this article has been helpful at shedding some light on how you can still enjoy your favorite foods at restaurants and still stay safe.

Please leave a comment on how you are feeling about the reopening in your community.

Have a great week!




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