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mental health Miriam Slozberg


The fact of the matter is when you are dealing with depression, you are going to struggle with so much in life. There is a part of you that really does care to contribute something to the world, and there is a part of you that would rather stay in bed and not face anything. There is also a part of you that believes that you aren’t good enough to contribute anything to society. Therefore, you are full of doubt which keeps you battling with yourself.

Depression is a horrible liar. Those who suffer from it know this is true, deep down. I deal with depression and I know this very well. But the fact of the matter is, there has to be a part of you that really knows that you are worth so much and that you can contribute something great.

Deep down, you want to work! You want to do something great. And you know what? You can. The thing is, you need to find a job that will not overwhelm you,  and that will give you purpose and not worsen your depression.

Working while you are battling depression is highly recommended. You will realize that you have abilities that you didn’t think you did, and you will feel like you are achieving something. Additionally, you will have contact with others, and you’ll be adding the structure you need to your days.

The trick is, to find the right job. Here are six job ideas for people with depression:

Gardening or Landscaping

If being outdoors for long periods of time is not your cup of tea, and you are feeling that way not because your depression is saying so- you really are not into gardening, then don’t consider this job. However, if you see yourself gardening or landscaping, then you should do what you need to do to learn how to do it. Then you can create your own gardening or landscaping business to take care of lawns.

Additionally, you will also be getting plenty of Vitamin D which will help boost your endorphins. You can also look for a job at a garden center if you are not comfortable with starting your own business- yet! Many garden centers are hiring, so if you want to work outdoors and with plants, then look into this option.

Dog Walking

Dogs are amazing animals and are very therapeutic. That is why there are therapy dogs around that help out people who have disabilities and chronic illnesses. And yes, dogs are great for people who suffer from depression.  An idea is that you can offer dog walking or dog sitting services for people who work long hours during the day. There is definitely a demand for this service.

If you decide to go into this line of work, you do need to look into getting Public Liability Insurance just in case an accident were to happen while you were caring for someone’s dog.

Dog Training

If you like the idea of training dogs, you will need to take a course on how to do that. You can definitely start training puppies as well as older dogs. It will keep you busy and active, and you will receive a lot of joy from teaching dogs how to listen and to do tricks.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has been helpful to me, that is for sure. Many people with mental illnesses are great writers, and why not use it to your advantage if this describes you? If you are worried that you may not get hired if you apply for various freelance writing jobs, which could worsen your depression- then don’t start with that. In fact, I strongly suggest that you don’t.

What you need to do is go and create an account on Fiverr, and you can start building a good reputation from there. Offer writing services in the niche that you can write about. You will get clients! And if you do a great job they will give you a good review, and more sales will be coming in. Once you become established and have the great reviews coming in, then you can start applying for freelancing jobs elsewhere. That is because you will already have a portfolio to show potential clients.

If you don’t hear back from anyone, don’t assume the worst. If you apply for a writing job that was advertised on Indeed or elsewhere- thousands of others are applying as well, and your application may simply not get noticed by the time they hire writers.

That is why I am recommending that you try out Fiverr to start. You can offer other services like graphic design, editing, social media writing or management, and so on! The sky is the limit.

Art Galleries

If you are good with art, and you paint, and you want to showcase your work, then why not get in touch with an art gallery?  Or if you love art but haven’t found the energy to take up the hobby (which we all know that depression can suck all of the energy out of you), then volunteer at an art gallery to show people around. You may find some inspiration to start painting once you get into it!


If you are not ready to do anything suggested above, then this is a perfect option for you.  So no, you won’t be making money by volunteering, but you will be getting out of your home and helping others in need. When you help others, you feel better, and that is ideal for people with depression. There are so many organizations that need volunteers for various positions.

Either way, whatever kind of work you decide to do, you will be kept busy and occupied, and that is what anyone with depression needs.




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