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You can only go as far as you’re willing to take the next step.

That’s the secret to breakthrough. Moving forward just a little bit more.

Every day. In every way. Just another step.

But that step is important.

It stands for progress and your potential to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself.

No audacious challenge is accomplished quickly, easily, or without setbacks.

The biggest challenge of all is figuring out where to get started.

What to do. Where to go.

What you actually want.

Unless you’re deliberate about forward progress you’ll find yourself spinning in circles. Doing enough to appear like you’re living a meaningful existence, but doing absolutely nothing that truly matters.

It’s deceiving to you and everyone else that watches you work.

You think you’re being awesome because you’re busy. You think you’re changing the world because you’re moving. You’re just not moving towards where you need to be.

What you’re doing doesn’t matter.

You’re working hard to avoid what really needs to be done.

Which is a shame because if you’re going to be tired and frustrated, confused, annoyed, and thoroughly beaten down at the end of the day it might as well be because you’re doing something that matters.

Taking the next step isn’t as simple as it sounds. You might not know the exact next step to take.

Do the thing that scares you most.

Because that’s the thing that will likely impact your chances of success greater than anything else.

You’ll stay stuck as long as you’re not moving in the right direction.

It’s a choice. A simple decision actually. One that you could make today. Right now.

Ask yourself: “Are you more committed to your excuses or your success?”

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