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Thanksgiving with Pete First of BrightStar Care

Broadcast Date: November 25th , 2021

Broadcast Time : 7:00p EST / 6:00p CST / 5:00p MST /4:00p PST

Our fearless leader (Fred if that wasn’t totally obvious)  goes it alone live on Thanksgiving with a slight alteration in time (4:00 PST) as Kristin interviews Pete First from BrightStar Care in a recorded interview. Pete is BrightStar Care’s Sr. Vice President of Franchise Development and is responsible for expanding the brand to new, untapped markets across the country. In addition, he is responsible for the expansion of BrightStar Senior Living, their new construction senior living communities Tune in while the turkey settles as you drift in and out of your stuffing stupor!

The team will be back next week at the usual time in the usual places. We hope you all have a wonderful and restorative Thanksgiving weekend!

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