This blog first appeared on It was written by Paul C. Dukovac D.C., L.Ac., owner and founder of Integrative Health, a sponsor of the “Maximize Your Career: Business Tools for Women over 50″ Aug. 28 conference in Naperville, IL.

    1. Most people put their healthcare decisions in the hands of other people. We do what doctors tell us without hesitation or question. Knowing your body can be the difference between adding more healthy years or having nothing to look forward to but less than quality years. When it comes to your health, you should know your body better than anyone else!

    2. Most people don’t take advantage of the newest, most accurate technology to learn and know what is really going on with your health. We are currently using ancient, invasive, obsolete means to gather health information. Today there is technology available that can gather vital health information in a matter of minutes. This technology is non-invasive, affordable and looks at the body in real time, in live operational mode.

    3. Most people don’t invest nearly enough time and money on their health. Our health is our most prized possession and we should treat it that way. When we lose our health, nothing else matters. The misperceptions that if you don’t have any symptoms you are healthy or that your health is a product of your genetic make-up are dangerous views. Cancer, heart disease and other disease processes are just that, “processes” that develop over time. By the time symptoms are present, the disease process has usually been going on for some time. Typically the first sign of heart disease is a heart attack and 1/3 of all heart attacks are fatal. Your decisions over time shape your health. Just as disease processes are brought about by your decisions over time, health and healing are brought about by the decisions that you make over time. Decisions that you are responsible for.

Chronic stress seems to be the norm in our American Society. Our healthcare system use to be ranked one of the best in the world but today it ranks as the worst. Diabetes and heart disease are at epidemic proportions and nearly 1 out of 2 people will get cancer at an early age. There are many reasons how and why we got to this place. But make no mistake; it was our own decisions, emotions and perceptions that got us to this point. No matter how unhealthy or sick you are, true health and vitality is within your grasp, but it is up to you to choose this path. No drug, surgery, diet or even work-out regiment will get you there. Make today the first day you give yourself the gift of more quality years through the decisions and choices that are truly in your best interest!


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