THE BIG 50TH HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!!! WOW, It came as FAST as it went. Our reunion lasted several days, with events planned for everyday of the week till Wednessday. Including, a walk in the parade for Lake Forest Days. Then it ended with quite a large Picnic, planned every year by one of our Lake Forest Local that made it extra special. Everyone seemed to have a great time catching up on Old times, and learning so much more about one another. We all had big smiles on our faces, and were so happy to be in one another’s company. As soon as we were welcomed with hugs and kisses, it seems we were doing the same to say Good Bye and hoping that in another 5 years, we will all be able to be together again.

The folks that put this reunion together worked relentlessly for years from our 45th gathering. Such admiration for all their hard work, effort and concern that everyone really enjoy themselves. Hardly did any of them sit down for more than five minutes, before they were up and addressing the class with raffles, announcements, answering questions and gathering us all together for a photo op. They also included a few faculty members to join the festivities. This can be a rather thankless job for many. Some classmates weren’t able to attend for plans that had been made in advance. Then some didn’t attend, because they didn’t feel like they looked good enough, or that they weren’t sure how their health would hold out.  Also, it can be quite an expense. Something that was so incredibly wise, was that there was a fund set up for those with financial needs. Not sure if other reunions budget that in their planning, but maybe they should. It was totally anonymous. They called it a “Scholarship Fund”.

If you’re anticipating your High School reunion, don’t go crazy thinking you have to look like a million dollars. and spend a lot of money on clothes, your looks etc. Yes, it’s understandable that we all want to look OUR very best, but we will NOT be judged by what we wear. In fact, you’ll be judged MORE for NOT showing up. Be yourself, and do your best to connect with all those classmates that you enjoyed in your youth. Don’t forget to get as many pictures as possible. That was a rule that some of us forgot about. Carry your phone with you to get those pictures, and email addresses and phone numbers. Make sure you follow through afterwards to keep those connections. You’ll regret that if you don’t. Remember that people are coming to see you and be with you. You are sharing OLD times, and making new memories to last a lifetime.

Then there are the spouses. Don’t let them feel neglected.  Make sure you engage them in the conversation, and even allow them to share some of their stories. If your spouse chooses not to attend, then don’t worry. You go and have fun. Some people are not outgoing and feel rather uncomfortable to be in a group with strangers. There is nothing wrong with that. Some of us can have fun anywhere we go with total strangers. Let that not stop YOU from enjoying yourself. If you have a fear to travel alone, there will always be a classmate that feels the same, and maybe you can connect ahead of time and meet somewhere to share a ride, or even a hotel room. Remember the days when we couldn’t drive legally, but we were always able to get a ride from a friend? We double dated and there was someone that had the drivers license. Same goes for your reunion. Make it fun and pleasurable. Don’t feel bad to reach out to your class for help. That is why there is a committee. They know how to handle these situations.

What impressed a group of us classmates, is that our Committee had Lake Forest Visors for all those that were helping out with the reunion. Therefore, if any of us were a bit confused and needing help, we knew to look for those wearing the Visors. There were NO restrictions for a dress code either.  Some of us gals really enjoyed getting all dressed up.  There was talk, that one of the gals wanted to wear False Eyelashes with her outfit! Not sure if that happened or not!!! Bottom line, most of us were extremely comfortable, relaxed and the laughter FILLED the room. Don’t let the party stop after your dinner. Maybe make a plan to hit a bar afterwards? There were some that felt left out after the dinner, because several groups went off together, and others weren’t included. Don’t let that SPOIL your evening. Talk with your friends and see if they have an interest afterwards to move forward and head to a local bar or pub. Remember, if you don’t sometimes initiate the idea, it won’t happen. There is always UBER too, if you have had a bit too much to drink!

The LOVE that flowed during this 50th Reunion was so amazing.  Everyone reached out to each other. We all had great stories to share. Some even shed tears over lost loved ones and had several shoulders to lean on for support. We had Doctors, Lawyers, and probably many with BIG titles in the business world, But,for the Reunion we were all back in High School again, and everyone was the same! We all could relate, have fun, and NO one was judged by what they wore, or what they looked like. We all just wanted to be together regardless!!!

The act or process of being brought together again as a unified whole; that is what our REUNION MEANT!  Looking forward to five years from now!





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