How would you describe “Body Shame”? For me, it’s the fact that I dislike being Over Weight. Why do we lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, and gain MORE WEIGHT? It’s getting to the point that society is telling us not to be happy with our own bodies. When I was younger my father weighed me everyday that I woke up in the morning, He would always sneak his BIG toe on the edge of the scale, to add an extra pound!  For me, I never realized till I was older how much that affected me. With my family, they spent, and still spend years in front of cameras, so they always have to look healthy and trim. When I modeled as a child, weight was never an issue. I was very skinny and extremely short in stature. Then ” POOOBERTY” hit, and amongst other emotional issues I began to gain weight. AARGH!!!

My featured image shows a picture of myself, standing in front of the Grand Bazaar, in Turkey back in 2014. I remember getting ready to go to Ankara Turkey, and stay for several months with my son and his wife. Quite a while I deprived myself of fattening foods. Exercising as though I was going to star in a Broadway play. I wanted my son to introduce me to his Turkish family, and show that I was so cute and skinny! When I got to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, I held out my arms and loudly said, “OH SEAN CONNERY, 007 COME AND GET ME BABY”!!! Remember a 007 movie, where he drove his Bentley through Turkey, “From Russia with Love”?  My husband was rather embarrassed! I carried myself with such distinction. Even our tour guide Unsal, loved being in our company. He and I had such a great time together. Unsal, is still my friend, and when we return to Turkey, we are going to his house for dinner.

When you’re thin, don’t you feel rather special? Boy, you get numerous compliments. “You look fabulous”! “Wow, you look amazing, how did you lose all that weight”? The compliments don’t stop. You walk away feeling very proud of yourself. Then what happens later after the thrill is gone? For me, I have a 50th High School reunion coming up. I just can’t get my MOJO going to getting my weight off, I have tried!  Dairy Queen calls me emotionally with several thoughts of Blizzards! I have stuck with NO cream in my coffee in the morning, but that seems to be as far as I can go. Why do I want to look fabulous? After all, I am only 67 years old and haven’t much youth left in me. My husband will tell me that I look beautiful regardless. That is NOT enough for my ego. I want MORE… WHO KNOWS what may happen at this reunion? What about pictures being taken? Geez, I guess I’ll do my usual and stand behind others to block my fat!

Changing my eating habits and looking at food with some respect; will keep my body healthy, and yes I will Lose Weight, but not fast! That is best for in the long run! I won’t lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks time!  Vegetables should be FIRST on the list, followed by certain proteins and some fruits. I have developed this partial fasting program I enjoy. First meal is small around Noon, then nothing after 8PM! I eat smaller portions, no sugar, no carbs and no fruits for now. I told my favorite Junk Foods to take a hike and not bother me!  We need to talk to food as though it’s our enemy or a friend? Keeping cut up veggies in my refrigerator with certain dips; I prefer Hummus! Proteins are extremely important, and we all know that FRYING is not a good choice! I make the best steaks in town. I do quickly brown them in butter, but I end up baking them. Only 2 minutes per side with the Sautéing!

Exercise? YES LET’S EXERCISE TO FEEL GOOD! If we want to handle our BODY SHAMING and tackle those basics, we have to do some sort of PHYSICAL ACTIVITY! I used to be a gymnast, and I fenced in College. I LOVED FENCING. IT was very hard to do, but boy did I have a body that had all the right curves, and correct dimensions. I will tell you that Jim Belushi used to see me in the halls and yell out to me, “Hey HONEY, let’s get together”? He never knew my last name, so when my brother met up with him, he claimed that he never knew me. But, I can remind him that in the M building when I was heading to Steve Collie’s speech class, he would always be around the corner talking to Sandy, my girlfriend, that later became his first wife. I did succumb and go to his house, but decided that I couldn’t handle someone snorting coke.

SO, what do you say? Shall we indulge in taking a splurge every now and then? Yes of course. But, how about we start to respect our Veggies? Proteins are a NO brainer! Carbs? Let’s leave that for our splurging maybe once a week? My fasting diet allows me ONE day a week to eat anything I want at any proportion. YIPPEEE… I won’t have my killer figure by the first weekend in August, but maybe I can still respect my body for what it is. Not focus on the weight loss, but hopefully develop long lasting eating habits and working out that will be useful for the years to come.  Are you with me? Do you want to join me in my efforts? Feel free to contact me through my email address Maybe we can start a LINKEDLOCALNETWORK.COM group of not DIETERS, but  “Lovers of a healthy life” on Posting pictures and maybe a discussion group?

Hey, what have we got to LOSE?


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