Miriam Slozberg Klout

Many people, including myself were horrified when they saw their Klout scores plummet today. And from what I understand, Klout has been having issues with calculating Facebook and Twitter stats properly. There is a chance that the system will get fixed and then scores will be restored. However, if that never happens- my advice to you is not to worry and yes I am giving myself the same advice as well).

Klout’s purpose is really to measure your levels on social media engagement. The score is not perfect by any means, even if the system is functioning as well as it could. However, regardless of how inaccurate it may be, it is still accurate enough to indicate if you need to increase your social media activity and engagement levels. You will know yourself if you have not been overly active on social media. The Klout score will indicate that too, regardless of how well or poorly it is functioning. It is easy to compare Klout to your bathroom scale. The scale may not be perfect however, if you know you have been eating a little more than you should be eating- the numbers on it will still indicate that, even if the scale is not set properly.

Right now I will tell you why it is not worth your time and energy to worry about your Klout score. In fact, how about we forget about Klout for a moment. What really matters is the level of your online engagement, activity, and influence.

If you are not sharing good quality content, and engaging with those in your networks on a regular basis- you will be forgotten. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you are expected to have a social media presence or you simply will not be noticed. The only way to develop one is to be engaging and active on your networks. You need to share relevant content- content that is relevant to your niche 80% of the time, and good quality off-topic engaging content 20% of the time. Examples of those are pictures of animals, inspiring quotes, pictures of desserts or good dishes, scenery, etc. That is important to do because those in your networks will see that you are not only about your business and that you do have a personality.

You want to create a social media presence and influence on an ongoing basis because that is how your tribe is built. If people like what you share, they will certainly keep you in mind if they are in need or know of someone who is in need of what you offer.

Since Klout scores are still being looked at by potential clients or employers, and if you are consistent with keeping your social media activity up- the score will still be high enough to catch their attention, even if it drops 5 points. Remember, that is the only purpose Klout has- it is an attention grabber and nothing else. You are responsible for creating a powerful online presence and that is what potential clients and employers care a lot more about than your Klout score.

To sum up, detach yourself from Klout, and focus on creating real influence online!

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