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Episode 3

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Get the Inside Story on how to ward off dementia.

And the good news is… yes, you can actually do something to help ward off dementia! Interested? Who isn’t ? Please join me on the third edition of The Mighty Mind to meet Dr. Sherrie All, Director of the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness. She is a clinical neuropsychologist currently engaged in an exciting and unique program concerned with the development and research for cognitive enhancement and brain wellness.

Dr. Sherrie All

Dr. Sherrie All

Get a Clear Explanation of Neuroplasticity!

One of Sherrie’s goals is to educate the public about the new and exciting research concerning the brain. What I love about Sherrie is her unique and very clear way of explaining one of these rather complex concepts called Neuroplasticity. In our program she will give us the lowdown on what neuroplasticity is, and how it relates to you. She will also talk about mindfulness, healthy aging and your brain’s 401K plan!

We will get to know Sherrie better, and find out why as a psychology student she became fascinated in neuropsychology and how to help people with brain related problems.

Linked in brings people together

I actually met Sherrie through Linked In. We met in a group called Friends of Sharpbrains and discovered that not only do we share many of the same interests, we actually live near to each other. The on-line meeting soon turned into a face to face encounter and it has been up from there. We have worked on several brain related projects together!

Sherrie, as one of the pioneers in the fields of brain fitness and healthy aging, was interviewed in a fascinating article about the brain in The New Yorker Magazine in July 2013.

So be sure to tune in to THE MIGHTY MIND and find out about what you can do to stay sharp and ward off the dreaded disease – dementia.

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