Business life is full of complexity.

We often like to imagine that problems can be solved with the same series of steps that can be repeated successfully the same way over and over again.

The harsh reality is that most of those solutions just don’t work.

Sometimes you can’t solve a problem.

That’s the honest answer. You need more time. There are factors that are out of your control. And it doesn’t matter how many steps you execute flawlessly, driving change isn’t easy or quick.

So what do you do when you’re faced with an “unsolvable” business problem where results matter? You focus on the only thing you really need to solve.

You focus on what you can change right now. You work hard to make sure people feel like they are being heard. You invest in deeper relationships with the people who need a solution most importantly.

You focus on having honest conversations.

You don’t pretend like you’re perfect, shrug off the challenges as insignificant, or change the conversation to something that is less heavy.

Listening is the only problem you need to solve right now.

When your team feels like you’re listening — that they are being heard — it helps them handle the reality that change is going to be hard.

Listen. Learn. Heal. That’s how you solve “unsolvable” business problems.

The only thing you really need to solve is your willingness to be uncomfortable while you’re talking about hard things you need to do.

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