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You can’t experience greatness without enduring suffering. You can’t win without first losing.

That’s the painful irony of success.

The more you avoid failure the more difficult it is for you to achieve the change you want for yourself. The more you do to avoid pain and suffering, the more likely you are to remain feeling helpless.

But that is what is natural for you.

It’s natural and normal and expected for you to shy away from the blows that life brings.

The hard truth is that you can’t get better without first being broken.

What you’re doing now isn’t working. And you just making minor tweaks to your behavior isn’t going to create lasting change for the better

It’s just going to keep you stuck longer.

Which is why suffering is so effective. It propels you to do the hard things that lead to life-changing results.

When you’re beaten down and holding onto your last drop of hope, there isn’t much you’re not willing to change. There isn’t much that you’re willing to hold onto that tightly.

You’re willing to change. Radically.

You’re willing to do whatever it takes to start feeling better.

Suffering is what builds that determination. It’s what develops your inner endurance.

It strengthens your resolve.

When you’re suffering, you’re forced to make hard choices about priorities and your perspective.

You can’t be complacent. You can’t be comfortable.

You’re in pain.

That pain is what is going to turn you into a champion.

But only if you let it drive you towards greatness.

Sweat. Fight. Bleed. Cry. And fight some more.

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