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Great leaders usually have radical views about the world around them.

They don’t just see the world differently from everyone else, they are driven by a set of core beliefs that empower them to take advantage of opportunities that others just bemoan as problems.

Their beliefs and desires determine how they make decisions.

It’s almost subconscious. Automatic.

Since they believe in hard work, dedication, and never giving up,  they don’t see obstacles and failure as final — just as a problem that needs to be solved.

The same is true with coming up with new ideas, evaluating top talent, differentiating themselves from the rest of the industry, or convincing those around them to rally around a great cause.

It’s not about ongoing tactics or counterpunching the competition.

It’s about believing.

Not hoping or wishing. Not following a series of logical steps that someone else has outlined. Not following conventional wisdom.

Great leaders are driven by a sense of mission and purpose. They believe in their calling.

Sometimes that mission flies in the face of what others around them expect them to be doing. Sometimes that sense of purpose can seem misguided or overzealous. Great leaders know that hard work focused with the intensity of a higher calling — based on the belief that it will all be worth it in the end — is a force unstoppable by anything.

You can’t stop a movement.

You can’t stop a winner obsessed by a sense of duty and honor and calling. Great leaders know that. They build that sense of purpose around themselves. They hire talented, driven team members who embrace that calling themselves.

If you aspire to be greater than you are now, believe more than you do now.

Have a sense of mission. Develop the intensity and focus that drives you to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes — until you get to where you want to be.

Don’t back down from what you believe in. And don’t feel embarrassed to share your overwhelming sense of calling with those around you.

Not everyone will agree with you.

In fact, many people will think you’re crazy. That your intentions are selfish. That your actions are dangerous. That you’re just trying to make everyone else look bad by working so hard yourself.

Rise up. Stand up. Look up. Speak up. Show up.

The only thing that can truly stop you is you deciding to quit because of the hurtful things other people say about you.

There are no other fatal blows. There are no final embattlements you can not breach.

But none of it works if you don’t believe. Battle on.

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