I originally published this post in a Resin group on Facebook, and it was hugely popular for a while. Resin is not an easy medium to work with, and there are many, many opinions about techniques, safety equipment, the best resin brands, etc. I’ve seen huge fights in resin Faceboook groups about various hot-button topics. This post is a touch-in-cheek guide to using resin (and many of the points may only make sense to those who have been using the medium for a while). Enjoy!

Here’s the ultimate guide to doing resin. 😉
1. Wear a respirator. Or not.
2. Wear gloves. Or not.
3. Resin is food safe. Or not.
4. ArtResin is the best. Or maybe it’s StoneCoat. Or maybe LiquidDiamonds. Or is it ProMarine? 
5. All resins yellow. Some yellow faster than others.
6. Beachy waves are so last month. Or not.
7. Pouring is not art. Or maybe it is.
8. To get white lacing in waves, use Castin Craft white. Or Pinata white. Or spray alcohol lightly. Or maybe use silicone.
9. Resin sticks on a lot of stuff, like metal and glass and canvas and wood. Sometimes you have to sand the surface first. Sometimes not.
10. Resin ruins a lot of things. Like floors, jeans, shirts, furniture, pets, children, etc.
11. You can remove resin with acetone. Or sometimes alcohol. Sometimes you’re just out of luck.
12. Bubbles can be removed with a torch or a heat gun or by using a straw. Sometimes bubbles just want to be alive and will come back no matter what you do. Respect the bubbles. 
13. You can prevent drips with Vaseline. Or you can tape the sides of your work. But sometimes the tape doesn’t work that great. Remove the tape after 3 hours. Or maybe 10. It really depends.
14. Your greatest artistic resin plan can go to hell in a handbasket just. like. that. Respect the resin.
15. Resin is fun and will turn into an addiction if you’re not very, very careful.
16. If you dream about resin, the fumes have probably ruined your brain and you might as well give in.
17. Resin does not taste good.
18. Glitter is the devil.
19. Buy a hat if you have to cut resin out of your hair.
20. If you have a pet, its hair WILL become part of your projects. No exceptions.

If you use resin, do you have other tips you would like to share?


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