There is nothing like a garage sale to help you get organized, especially when you go to find something you saw just yesterday and it is nowhere to be found.

Do you have to make aisles in your garage to make it easier to walk around? Are the aisles getting so small you keep kicking things or tripping on things?

Do you go to find something in your garage and you have to move piles of stuff just to get to it?

Well then it is time to do something about it instead of complaining, it is time to have a garage sale.

There are many methods to preparing for your garage sale but the most important is to create and follow a plan.

How to have a successful garage sale

  1. Set a date. Setting a date for your sale one month from the day you start to organize gives you ample time to prepare.
  2. Organize your items into sections and for smaller items place them on different tables and name them. Tables make it easier for your buyers to find what they are looking for and it makes it easier to move items out to the driveway.
  3. Don’t let the temptation of being overwhelmed defeat you, stay focussed on what your garage will look like when it is over.
  4. Price for your item by comparing it to used items on eBay and Amazon.
  5. Create signs to place on the street and create social media ads.
  6. Have plenty of change on hand, one-dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.
  7. More expensive items post on Craigslist, Facebook, or Let it go.
  8. Invite friends to bring their stuff t sell and make it an all-day party, you could even have a Bar-B-que.
  9. Inexpensive items that don’t sell donate to your favorite thrift store.

Courtesy of Lowes

One of my favorite stories about our garage sales was when we were preparing to sell our three-bedroom two-bath home in Antelope, CA. and move into a two-bedroom apartment. We invited several friends to come over and have a potluck garage sale party. We had five friends spend the entire day and at the end of the first day, anything did not sell to was taken to Goodwill. We had a blast! We were very fortunate to have a professional organizer helping us sort through our stuff. We sold a lot and also donated a lot but it helped get ready to sell our home fast.

Use the tips I suggested and when you have completed your sale come back and leave a comment about how it went and share some things you learned to help others.


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