Do you like to travel on a budget?

Do you save money for your trip or do you put everything on a credit card?

Two months ago we started saving for a trip to Arizona for my niece’s wedding and we found a wonderful tool called a Starbucks prepaid Visa card and saved over $1300 for the trip.

We finalized our plans last week and created a list of foods we would like to bring on our trip and estimated how much we would spend on meals. We figured if we could bring enough foods that we like we could eat breakfast and lunch each day and only buy dinner each day except for the wedding day.

It has been working out very well so far we seem to be right on budget.

Our hotel room on the way to the wedding we budgeted for $65 for the night since we were only going to spend about 12 hours in the room we only need a very basic room.

I know some people aren’t concerned about the price of the room and only care about the location and the amenities but I just can’t see spending a lot of money on a room for only 12 hours.

I thought it might be valuable to share five of the ways we saved money while on our trip.

  1. We brought cereal, hard-boiled eggs, bagels, and cream cheese, apples, tangerines, and bananas and overnight oats to eat for breakfast each day.
  2. We brought lunch meat and snacks to make lunch on the way and snacks to eat while driving.
  3. We researched the average price of gas and budgeted what the average tank of gas would cost us.
  4. We belong to a hotel group where we earn points for each night stay and by only staying at our group’s hotels we saved money and earned points that we can use for a free room at a later time.
  5. We checked for deals and freebies like a Starbucks Happy Hour where we could get two drinks for the price of one.

So the next time you travel you can use some of the tips I shared.

Please leave a comment with some of the ways you save money when you travel.



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