Victims of the Covid-19 vaccine are not being heard or acknowledged by the government, big pharma, or the mainstream media.

I know this is not my usual topic but I have to vent because I have not heard any reports about the adverse effects of the Covid-19 vaccine only that it is safe and effective against the virus. Every media outlet from the alphabet, cable, and written news everyone is touting “Just get the Shot and stop being selfish”. 

Why is no one investigating the thousands of reports listed below on this website?      

VAERS Report

What happened to investigative reporting?

It has been silenced by the owners of the news outlets. What happened to giving people the opportunity to learn about the risks and benefits of taking medication and encouraging them to educate themselves? Why are people’s stories being suppressed by Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram?

It is because the people who control those media outlets have sponsors that pay for them to exist who don’t want that information out because it doesn’t fund their interests, in other words, follow the money. Why will no one report the stories of those who are suffering at the hand of big pharma?

How come the vaccine manufacturers apologize or acknowledge them? They don’t acknowledge them because it would stop the flow of money, and cause people to take a second look before putting a drug that is still in clinical trials into their bodies. Who will speak for those that won’t be heard? It is time to stop the lies and let the people know the truth about the virus, the vaccine, and the give share the reasons for censoring anyone who disagrees with them. It is time for all people in every state, county, and city to come together and say NO MORE LIES!

I have been pondering the best way to share this and have been flooded with a barrage of emotions this week and grieving for the struggles I hear people going through from the loss of loved ones to the permanent heaths issues my friend has been dealing with.

A friend I know who is a nurse shared her story on social media about how the quality of her life and her health has declined since she had been vaccinated. Things like not being able to stand for a very long time making dinner because her legs get tingly and fatigued. She has made several requests for answers from Pfizer but has yet to receive any acknowledgment.

I also watched a video of a lady named Brit on Red Voice Media who had been vaccinated and 7 months later she was admitted to the hospital because she could not stop vomiting. While she was hospitalized for underwent numerous tests and saw a total of 17 doctors during her three different stays. She was diagnosed with Giambere. Pericarditis, Pots syndrome, Gastroparesis, Meningitis, all as a result of the Moderna vaccines. She tried to share her experience on Instagram and she was belittled, ridiculed, and threatened. The hospital brought security into her room to threaten her to stop posting. She was confused, in pain, and hurting and it wasn’t until the fifth day of her third stay that a doctor was willing to admit that her symptoms were from the Moderna vaccine. After being treated for the Giambere she was allowed to go home and she decided to turn to an integrative medicine doctor in Tampa, FL. Her video posts on Instagram blacked out. Victims of the Covid-19 vaccine are not heard or acknowledged by the government, big pharma, big tech, or the mainstream media.

Brit is one of many victims of the Covid-19 vaccine and although they have attempted to contact the vaccine manufacturers their requests for answers have fallen on deaf ears. You can watch Btrit’s story here

Below is a link to a 3-minute video of some of the victims share their stories. They are not looking for any compensation but to be heard and their stories shared to help people who are considering the vaccine realize what the risks are.

People talk about their reaction to the Covid vaccines Covid-19 Vaccine Reactions The reason I am so passionate about this topic is that when I was 20 years old I struggled with severe allergies and no matter what medication or treatment my doctor prescribed nothing helped. 25 years later I learned that it was the processed foods and fast food I was eating that were causing the majority of my symptoms. I know that I am healthy today because I chose to take control of my health and not leave it in the hands of doctors that only prescribed medicine relieve my symptoms but never got to the root cause of my allergies.

You have to be the researcher, you have to be the one who does the work of reading the nutrition labels, research the internet for natural remedies and surround yourself with like-minded people who have helped themselves recover from their illness and conditions.

You are responsible to keep yourself healthy mind body and spirit. Find a community that will support you in achieving your health goals.

I would love to have a conversation on this topic, you can contact me in one of two ways, at my website at or my calendar link at Meet with Mike.    

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