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Brand continues to be an even hot topic today given all the free marketing through social media.  One’s  SMB brand can become lost in the crowd.


Seth Godin defines brand as “meeting the expectations of your customers.”  I always thought that definition was solid and one of the simplest ones I had read.  However after having lunch with the CEO and founder of Family Express, Gus Olympidis, his definition created even greater emotional clarity.

“Brand,” according to Gus, “is your promise.”

 When you enter a Family Express convenience store, you will see a sign on the door, “Our Family…Serving Yours.”  The store associates are friendly and if you consistently visit one location will eventually know your name much like “Cheers.”

This locally owned small business enterprise here in Northwest Indiana has one of the best supply chains in the industry in that each store receives one delivery per day of perishable and non-perishable items.  To improve the quality of their baked goods, Family Express operates its own bakery and is now regionally famous for its square donuts.  I personally love the glazed ones.

The promise is embedded in its values statement and its commitment to having the freshest foods, friendliest service and competitive fuel prices. With the Family Express Perks reward card, customers can save pennies on each gallon of fuel purchased not to mention taking advantage of numerous in store specials. This forward thinking business also offers “free air until it runs out” and free ATM money meaning no service charge.

Family Express looks to honor its brand by its promise to its customers.

Now for your small business what promise do you consistently make and honor with your customers?  Is it your:

  • Delivery?
  • Prices?
  • Customer Service?
  • Solutions?
  • Responsiveness?

Maybe it is time to leave all those fancy, dancy definitions for brand and return to the basics that being “your promise to your customer or clients.”  Who knows you may actually earn more customers and save a whole bunch of money by not taking the advice of those expensive marketing consultants?

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