Where you are right now doesn’t define who you are. You may feel like everything you have been through in your life up to this point has been a negative experience and even overwhelming.

Have you considered that everything you have experienced up to this point has been preparing you to become your best self?

Last year when Covid-19 hit and shut down our cities I was gripped with the fear of not being able to pay my rent and I wondered what the future held for me and my family. What changed my direction was an event I attended where the host encouraged me to take all of my experiences good and bad and examine which ones I could use to help other people. They called the process “How to turn your mess into your message”.

Grab a piece of paper and make two columns, on the left-hand side label it Bad and on the right-hand side label it Good. Of all the good and bad things, you listed write down the lessons learned.

The most powerful lessons I learned were from the bad things that happened to me, like when I lost my business I realized how many years I wasted looking for the answers to my life problems.

One of my biggest breakthroughs was when I took a course called the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. This course gave me the tools to create an inward environment or mindset that my life, the beating of my heart, and my brain functions are powered by a greater source. Call it God, call it the universe but more than anything I now know that I am connected to a source that has created the trees, and every human being on the planet. This is called the Hero’s Journey.

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The Master Key Mastermind Alliance is a movement of people that have discovered their life’s purpose and are committed that each person is given the opportunity to do the same.

Another big breakthrough I experienced is I realized how much I am just like everyone else, each person grows up living their life based on the model our parents set for us. One of the models I grew up with I received from my mom. My mom was not one to talk or share what was going on emotionally with her nor did she teach me how to tap into my emotions.


I just recently took a class that has enabled me to embrace the negative emotions instead of running from them and it has really helped me.

If you would like more information I’d be happy to talk about this topic more at a later time. You can find out more about me on my website at https://mentalktoyourwoman.com/







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