When things get tough and you need extraordinary help, who can you count on to stand by your side?

Perhaps a better way to answer that question is to reflect on whose back you have. And what that means in reality.

How far would you go to help someone in need? What are the requirements for earning your love and support?

Bad times will come when you least expect them.

You going to face challenges that you can’t fix all on your own. You’re going to be forced into situations where failure is the only possible outcome unless you get some help.

It’s too late when things are bad to build relationships and earn the trust of people who can rescue you in your time of need.

No matter how good things are now for you, the time is coming that’s going to break your will and leave you feeling unprepared for what needs to be done.

That day for somebody else is today.

That moment of helplessness is behind the nervous smile they gave you this morning. They’re waiting for you to ask again.

They want you to press them and push them on what’s really going on. But you just asked it once and moved on to other things, assuming that whatever they told you the first time is true.

There’s a part of you that already knows something is wrong.

You see the pattern in yourself.

You know what it’s like to hurt and not feel like anyone can help you. You know what it’s like to want to blurt out your anguish but feel trapped behind the social baggage of pretending like everything is going to work itself out in the end.

Be the hero you hope to find for yourself in your darkest day.

Do for others what you so desperately will need for yourself someday.

Love people. Invest in people. Take the time to demand vulnerability from those pretending like everything is still alright.

The question about who has your back is answered easily.

When you love people and make sure they heal, they do the same for you.

Maybe the reason no one has your back right now is because you’ve never taken the time to have theirs.

And maybe it’s time you started acting differently to change that.

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