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Bing Ads Express for Small and Midsize Businesses: Quick and Easy Online Advertising

You have seen the ads for Bing, but you haven’t tried it yet, right? When invited to take the Bing It On Challenge, participants chose Bing over Google for the web’s top searches. Try it for yourself at

Now you know. Bing is becoming more than just a search engine; it’s powering the things we all use every day.  At Microsoft, we’re evolving Bing to deliver information where you need it, when you need it, sometimes even before you need it. The better technology can adapt to you, the more you can be yourself. As more people chose Bing as their preferred search engine, you want to ensure that your business is taking full advantage of the online resources available to you. We can help. Our Microsoft store offers free workshops on various topics including Office, Windows, Internet Safety and now, Bing Ads Express. Classes are designed for small groups of participants and held in the store. Given the limitations on class length, we have selected the features and benefits we feel will best provide a foundation for the topic or product and that will resonate most with customers. Our goal is not only to impart knowledge, but also to have fun. We do our best to create an open, comfortable, and interactive environment where YOU have a chance to ask questions and get as much hands-on time with the products as possible. That being said, I want you to know about the Bing Ads Express workshop. Bing Ads Express is a new online marketing tool created especially to help smaller businesses gain online presence through a simple interface and hands-off ad management. There’s no keywords to choose, no bids to set. Just give them some basic information about your business and tell them what you’d like to spend and they’ll take it from there.

Bing Ads Express can help you:

Connect with customers who are engaged and likely to spend more on the Yahoo Bing Network.

  • Bing audiences spend more than the average searcher on Google according to comScore.
  • 92% of online adults use search engines.
  • 60% of US Internet users turn to search engines to find information specifically about local businesses. [eMarketer, May 2013)
  • 78% of online adults use search engines every day AND their income is $75,000+.
  • Search engines give you a direct connection to customers who are already looking for you. (Pew Internet, August 2011)

Launch online advertising in a manageable, hands-off way.

  • Bing Ads Express automates many of the more complicated aspects of creating an online campaign.
  • Online advertising can drive traffic to your website, reaching high-quality searchers when it counts the most – when they’re making online purchases.

Increase your return on investment for your advertising spend.  

The ads you create in Bing Ads Express can appear on a variety of Microsoft properties, such as Bing search results pages. They may also appear on Microsoft partner sites like Facebook and the Wall Street Journal Digital Network. The placement and ranking of your online ads is determined by several factors, including search keywords entered by your customers.

Online search marketing is a great way to reach new customers. This class focuses on the basics of search advertising and how to use Bing Ads to attract more online customers. You will learn how to create a quick and easy online campaign using Bing Ads Express, how to sign up for a Bing Ads Express account, and about support resources available.

Join us for a complimentary hands-on workshop where you can learn how to promote your business across Bing, Yahoo and partner sites, where millions of people are searching for businesses just like yours. Not only will we demonstrate the ease of use, we’ll supply you with a $100 Bing Ads credit to get you started.  Wednesday, April 16 at 1:15 PM at the Microsoft store at Woodfield Mall.

Come early for the Linked Local Network Brown Bag meeting. This is a great resource for new entrepreneurs and established businesses alike to learn new skills and to meet potential customers – online and in person!

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