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My current project combines my expertise in business knowledge and songwriting ability to help raise awareness and money for Animal Rescue efforts.  I wrote, produced and recorded an original song inspired by the story of our rescue dog, Chipotle. I am currently producing the video version of the song which tells the story of Chipotle’s journey from being born in the White Mountain area of Northern Arizona, being loose for 2 years before being captured by a Kill shelter, then being chosen (lucky him) to be taken to a No-Kill shelter where he waited for 6 months for my wife Tami and I to adopt him the day after New Year’s Day in 2014.

Chipotle would like me to add “I asked Greg to write the song to help others be as lucky as I was.  My Forever Home rocks and more dogs should get their Second Chance like I did.”  I have a soft spot in my heart for Chipotle so of course I had to do it!”

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Why Second Chances are so important! by Greg Markelz

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