Getting things done isn’t just about forward progress.

Achieving great goals, making tiny progress, or even just planning your next step requires lateral movement.

Even more than that.

Sometimes it requires moving backwards.

From the outside looking in it might appear that you’re not as strong as you need to be. Those side to side movement seem indecisive. Stepping back appears to be a sign of weakness.

One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make in attempting to achieve audacious goals is to assume that the only acceptable movement towards success is moving forwards.

Relationships requires empathy.

If you’re focused on moving forwards at any cost, you’re probably trampling those relationships. Later you’ll wonder why there is no one to have your back. You’ll wonder why when things go wrong for you it seems like everyone is out to get you. They are out to get you.

You haven’t done anything to build those bonds. And when it matters most you end up losing.

Building wealth requires insight.

If you’re only focused on getting more money at any cost you’re probably doing something illegal — and almost assuredly hurting someone else. Later you’ll wonder when you’re broke why you couldn’t make money as impressively as you imagined.

You forgot about the Golden Rule. You forgot that “what goes around, comes around”. And not you’re in trouble — because you didn’t think it was important to think about others.

Fitness requires forgiveness.

If you’re only focused on losing more weight or building stronger muscles, you’re doing something that is surely unhealthy and probably going to kill you. Later you’ll wonder why you feel tired, uninspired and miserable.

You forget that health isn’t just what other people see on the outside. It’s what drives you on the inside — your thoughts and fears and mental baggage. Hire a trainer.

But also hire a therapist.

Success demands you move side to side.

Forward and back. Smartly. Looking and planning and playing the long game.

Winning isn’t about machismo or being a bully to get ahead.

Maybe the best way for you to move forward isn’t by moving forward at all.

It’s a different move altogether.

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