Will Santa Fly for Animals that need Forever Homes?

by Greg Markelz

This image is a flag we have in our backyard.  And where is all the snow??  We need a white Christmas don’t we? I love the thought the flag represents, that some magic mythical being will fly by and provide forever homes for the animals that need them.  While we know this is not how the world works, these images can start us thinking about the challenges that do exist. Overcoming challenges is my musical theme for 2020. The holidays are a great time to stop and reflect on whether we can do more to help. Of course there are many ways to do this and we should all find our preferred way to do charitable works, acts, or otherwise help for those who need it. My hope is that the music I create will inspire people to help our animal rescue organizations in their care for the animals they help.

Here is a limerick for your holiday pleasure, read it and look at the dogs in the flag in my picture, and see if it has any effect on your thoughts:

Santa please, your magic flight

Save me from my lonely plight

Find folks out there

A few who care

Santa bring me home tonight


I hope you have an epic holiday season! Spend more time with your loved ones, patch up any disagreements you have going on, and make sure you take care of your companion animals. Remember they will always love you unconditionally, while they depend upon you for their every need. And please support your local animal rescue shelter, they are doing great work. Or support another cause you care about. There are so many ways to help, find one and make a difference. Don’t do a fly by, let your reindeer land your sleigh and dig in, it will feel so good!

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